Ron Davies

the open road, the open sky



Ron Davies began writing poetry at a very young age. Sadly, he also stopped at a very young age, much like one of his favorite poets, Arthur Rimbaud, with whom he closely identified. Ron self-published his first book of poems in 1968, which he called asylum. He was 22 years old at the time and said he never wrote poetry after that. He may not have called it poetry, but for the rest of his life, Ron wrote thought provoking lyrics and compiled an extensive catalog of beautiful songs.

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life is an asylum
where the angels gone insane are sent
and there with neither memory of the past
nor with knowledge of the future
they trudge about the grounds
looking for the one who is believed to hold the key
to the fabled room
of toys, games, and crutches.
life is not the act itself
but is the feeling after touches
just an encore to a kiss
life is life–no less
words are words–no more
my life is sunshine in the window
darkness in the alley past the door

sometime when you’re looking back
see my shadow in your memory
hear the echo of my voice
feel the feeling after touches
and recall the precious touch
and imagine i’m just up late
and will come to you in time.

sometime when you’re lonely
know i loved you and i love you
more than words could ever have said.
and we will never be apart
not really--
and our hands will touch again
some day, some night

when your tears
are frozen into ice
and your hair is melted to your breasts
i will touch your cheek
and want to speak
and fail to rest
your longing.
when my hand
is blind in the dark
and my shame
is lost in silence
you will be sincere
and i will hear
when you want to speak
and fail.